Wein exklusiv Bergfried



The wine cellar at Erfurth’s Bergfried is a treasure trove for demanding wine connoisseurs. We stock a rich variety of national and international premium wines in optimally temperature-controlled wine cabinets. All are personally sourced by us from distinguished wineries.

Our extensive wine list, with its emphasis on the Baden region, features rare finds from top wine-growers – to match our gourmet cuisine. We have also put our own Bergfried label to a range of excellent wines which beguile with their style and elegance.

Our host and sommelier Moritz Gärtner will be delighted to assist you in selecting the ideal accompaniment to your menu or the perfect refreshment for a perfect day. All our other staff are also extremely knowledgeable about wine and will be happy to help you as well. And the glass is as important as the wine: To ensure that you can enjoy the bouquet and aromas of your wine to the full, we serve all our wines in high-quality glasses.


Our experienced wine expert is happy to recommend wines to match your chosen courses from the menu. Moritz Gärtner is a master of his métier, with expertise, passion and sensitivity to the preferences of his guests.