Our hotel which, today, welcomes you in its spacious rooms painted in light colours, was created under the name “Haus Bergfried” as a little bed-and-breakfast in 1937.

In 1987, this bed-and-breakfast became the “main building” of the future Hotel Bergfried. When we purchased the “Hotel Bergfried” in 2000, it had already lived through an eventful history with numerous modifications and extensions.

Since then, we have extended the hotel year after year and adapted its rooms and interior to the increasing demands of our guests.

Already in the summer of 2000, a new bar was established, the garden of the hotel was rearranged and the face of the main building was completely refurbished.

From 1940 until 1945, the “Haus Bergfried” was used as a recreation home for pregnant women, before becoming a bed-and-breakfast again after World War II.

In 1987, the bed-and-breakfast was transformed into the “Hotel Bergfried”. All rooms were equipped with a toilet and a shower. Moreover, an elevator and an indoor swimming pool were installed, the kitchen was increased.

In 1989, a “new building” with 19 comfortable rooms, most of them with a balcony or a terrace, was built. Moreover, an underground car park and a lobby were constructed.

In 1991, the basement of the main building was expanded. Furthermore, a leisure area with a steam bath, a solarium, a relaxation room and a fitness room was installed.

In 1992, the terrace was roofed. Furthermore, the Rose Room and a balcony terrace were constructed.

When the foyer and the lobby were expanded in 1994, a playroom and a conference room were constructed under the parking lot in front of the “new building”. The “Vital-Welt” was equipped with a whirlpool, which was remodeled three years later. Moreover, a tepidarium was added to the “Vital-Welt in 1997.

In 2001, the meeting room was transformed into a fitness center, the whirlpool was revamped and the new building with its 19 rooms, which had been constructed in 1989, was thoroughly refurbished.

In 2002, the “main building” with its 16 rooms was completely refreshed. Furthermore, the “Vital-Therme” (vital spa) of 130 m² was constructed.

In 2003, the lobby was modernised and the „Vitalquelle für Schönheit und Gesundheit“ (vital source for beauty and health) was installed at the garden level.

In 2005, an indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool, a tepidarium, and a relaxation area were created.
In 2006, “Erfurths Bergfried” essentially acquired its current aspect: The main building was levelled above the dining rooms, rebuilt with new materials and linked to the new building of 1989 through a connecting building which enabled the creation of very spacious rooms with exclusive bathrooms. The entrance hall and the “Vital-Welt” (vital world) became considerably bigger and an additional bar was created.

In 2008, all these investments have led to our hotel being classified as a ****Superior Hotel. In 2009, we purchased the tourist hotel at the other site of the road that we transformed into the *** Superior Ferien Residenz Erfurths Bergfried until 2010.

2015 The rooms on the third floor receive a “face lift”. The kitchen is extended and entirely re-equipped. The new facilities include an induction cooker, a new refrigerated counter and new cold stores. In late autumn, the rooms on the second floor are refurbished.

2016 After ten years of service, our two cogeneration units are replaced with one new 9 KW unit. In late autumn, all the restaurants are refurbished. Myriam M. Erfurth is intensively involved in and responsible for the selection of materials and paint colours.

2017 The garden level of the Bergfried Holiday Residence is refurbished. A new therapy section is created, with reception and waiting areas and three beautiful, spacious treatment rooms. Another new addition is a small sauna landscape, with sauna, sanarium, infrared cabin, shower area, rest space and a small lounge offering water and a tea bar. From May to October, our guests enjoy relaxing in the redesigned garden and bathing in the heated natural swimming pond (23°). In late autumn, eight rooms on the first floor receive high-quality wood flooring and new window decorations. Mrs Myriam M. Erfurth is also responsible for planning and implementing this enhancement.

2018 In line with new regulations and requirements, the emergency lighting and emergency exit lighting is replaced. It will now remain illuminated for eight hours if there is a power cut. All rooms are provided with new 42’ smart TVs. These are Internet-enabled and offer many new options, such as media libraries etc. In late summer, we take delivery of new Dibbern “Golden Line” and “Golden Forest” tableware. Our culinary creations are now even more stylishly presented; as we all know, food is a feast for the eyes as well as for the tastebuds.

Ski Museum

Housed over two floors in the original buildings, the museum sections include the history of the buildings, the Georg Thoma room, the origins of skiing in the Black Forest, the Feldberg ski mountain, the first skiing films, winter sports equipment, Black Forest winter and bob sport, winter artists, the history of skiing clubs, ski fashion and much more.