Well, there are many Christmas markets and the offerings hardly differ from city to city. But here in the Black Forest there are also special little Christmas markets without the usual “bric-a-brac”. But with lots of handicrafts from the region, Black Forest specialties directly from the producer and extraordinary gift ideas.

The Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge, directly under the imposing railroad viaduct of the Höllentalbahn, is probably the best known and has become famous far beyond the region’s borders. Around 30 wooden huts are lined up in a circle of lights, with a large Swedish fire in the middle for warmth. In the afternoon, the brave and sure-footed can from Breitnau on foot through the Ravenna Gorge to the Christmas market. Those who prefer a more leisurely approach can take the Heimatpfad trail from Hinterzarten and reach the market after about an hour’s walk. For the very lazy, a free shuttle bus runs at regular intervals of around half an hour from Hinterzarten station. Once at the bottom, it’s time to fortify yourself. It would be presumptuous to recommend the best mulled wine, as the selection is very large and tastes are known to differ. But what no one should miss are the baguettes from the Ospelehof farm in Hinterzarten with home-made bacon and mountain cheese. To be honest, as a Hinterzartener and in Hinterzarten, you can’t imagine an event without an “Ospelehof baguette”.

St. Blasien offers another wonderful backdrop for a Christmas market. Or rather the cathedral square in St. Blasien. With a span of no less than 36 meters, the dome of the cathedral is still one of the largest in Europe today. The Christmas market, which only takes place on two weekends, is fortunately one of the smaller ones. Here, too, the emphasis is on handicrafts from the region. But the extensive cultural program of the cathedral and the town of St. Blasien is also wonderfully incorporated.

Unfortunately, there is only ever one day in the Advent season, but perhaps that is precisely the attraction: a lovingly designed Advent market opens its doors in the ski museum in Hinterzarten. The offer cannot become any more regional. The motto here is “small but mighty”. Ideal to combine with a tour of the historical rooms of the Ski Museum to explore the history of winter sports in the Black Forest. There are rumors behind closed doors that the cradle of skiing originated right here in the Black Forest.

Of course, Freiburg’s Christmas market has little in common with the aforementioned. Nevertheless, it should not be completely neglected. It has grown in recent years. While it used to be located on Rathausplatz square, today it stretches across Kartoffelmarkt, Franziskanerstraße and Turmstraße. The entire range, especially in terms of cuisine, is much broader here and one might almost say a little more international. Handicrafts, on the other hand, can also be found here in abundance. The Christmas events are rounded off by a nativity scene with life-size wooden figures by sculptor Edgar Spiegelhalter, which is located to the right in front of the main entrance to St. Martin’s Church.

Freiburg “Christmas market”
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Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge
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Christmas market at the cathedral, St. Blasien
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